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Meet the Dancer

"Before I was born, my older brother told everyone that he would have a baby sister and that she would be a Ballerina. When I turned 4 years old my parents started me in dance classes. Ever since then I have loved being on the stage and dancing for an audience. I developed a burning passion for this art form and have made it my life goal to continue on expanding my knowledge in this area. I trained in studio dance until college and was then accepted to Southern Union State Community College with a full Fine Arts Dance scholarship. After 2 years at Southern Union I transferred to Valdosta State University where I finished my with a BFA in Dance.  My goal is to work on cruise ships for a few years and then become a studio dance instructor. I plan on dancing until I am no longer physically able. Dance is my passion, my world, and my dream. Someone once told me that "Passion means something you will suffer for" and that has stuck with me for years. As dancers, our bodies go through difficult trails, injuries, and pain but we continue to fight for what we do because we love it with everything inside of us."  -Katie Earle

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